Follow Your Instinct

This is the first of my pages, it is how my journey (to awakening) started… Why ‘Your Instinct’?

We often feel pressurised into taking decisions or doing things we don’t really want or fully support. ‘Your Instinct’ is a website created for people who want to make changes to their lives. Don’t be afraid to stand out and have your own opinion. Trust your intuition and take initiative.
The fist, most important step is changing your dietary habits. You need to stop being dependent on ready, processed food, you need to learn how to grow and prepare our own food. It is not an easy process, but as we all know ‘nothing worth having comes easy‘.
Processed food contains a lot of ingredients that our bodies get addicted to, you need to ‘de-program’ your body and mind, remember to always check the label and learn the nutrients. Deep down you already know what is good for you. You need to make your own decisions, as everyone is different. You will be amazed how what you eat can change the way you think.

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