Why we don’t need to eat meat

seedsA fantastic article on ‘True Activist’ about some amazing properties and nutritional values of seeds.

Even the United Nations is urging us to
‘Stop eating meat and save the planet’.

And that’s why another great person stopped eating meat for good and explains

Why I’ll Never Eat Meat Again


2 responses to “Why we don’t need to eat meat

  1. I’m always asked this from the people around me, “how do you only eat veggies and fruit”? I always respond by breaking down the slew of ways you can get all the essential nutrients your body needs, without having to bite into any meat products! Thanks for showing us there is another way out and I look forward to connecting more:)

    • Yes, I think we’ve all been there 😉 Sometimes it is difficult for people to see the obvious while they are so attached to their ways and cannot understand that ‘meat-eating’ is just a habit like most of the things they do. It takes a lot of courage and determination to break through, but it can be done! Thanks for stopping by x

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