My adventure with yoga

This will be the theme for my second website which is currently under development.

Once you start giving your body the nutrients it requires, you will heal yourself from any ‘junk-food’ cravings and your mind becomes so much clearer. You will be amazed with the results. This is when you are ready and able to understand how the ‘system’ works. You will be determined to make some further changes to your life, like learning to cook or grow your own vegetables and fruits. Some of those things would have seemed impossible to implement in the past, but the ‘new you’ will definitely be up for the challenge. At some point you may even decide to turn off your TV, it’s quite important to recognise what effects it has on our brains and health in general.

meditationI’m sure all of us heave come in contact with yoga in one form or another. What I find particularly useful is a daily meditation. It is quite important ‘exercise’ for your mind, ensuring your spiritual growth. I know we are very busy with our everyday lives, but everyone can spare at least 15 minutes in the morning or before bed (ideally both) to meditate. It is very calming and clearing for the whole body, benefiting us mentally, physically and spiritually. Again, meditation is a very individual experience and there is no recipe on how to do it ‘properly’.

I know quite a few people who either practise or teach yoga and they always recommended it. At some point I even had a yoga classes at my workplace which was very convenient and this is when I got to try yoga and meditation. I have to admit that back then I didn’t know any ‘science’ behind it and was not much aware of the benefits. Still, I enjoyed it very much and was determined to continue my journey. A bit later I came across a 21-Days Meditation Challenge: Creating Abundance on Facebook. I signed up on the spot and have been daily meditating ever since.
It’s an ongoing project and there is another one starting soon, concentrating on ‘Perfect Health’,  if you would like it give it a go. I would definitely recommend it as a starting point.

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