The big ‘C’

I’ve read quite a lot on the subject and also developed my own opinion. As much as I respect other people’s views, I strongly believe that the ‘conventional medicine’ is not the answer, as it only treats the symptoms, not the causes. I do appreciate that it is difficult to establish a single factor that contributed to  an illness, including cancer, however not exploring or even considering different options is a very narrow minded approach which may be seen as not really caring.

People who are trying to present some different views on the subject are perceived as arrogant by vast majority, especially medical professionals. It is important not to get intimidated and be quite persistent. It will be more difficult when we are actually presented with so called ‘life-death’ situation, therefore it is  advisable to get educated beforehand.  This article What Is Cancer? is quite good and not too long, and may be a good starting point.

Burzysnki the movieThere are couple of medical doctors who are trying different methods, despite of all the obstacles.  One of them is Dr Stanislaw Burzynski who dedicated his life to finding a cure for brain tumors using antineoplastons. His research is covered by this documentary called ‘Cancer is Serious Business’. The title says it all…

This year the Burzynski Clinic is planning to release the second part of the movie, documenting the latest progress at ‘Burzynski Documentary Film Series’.


2 responses to “The big ‘C’

  1. I will have to disagree (thoI am not a doctor)with two points the cancer cells do produce lactate but not for hte purpose of refeeding it, other cells incluidng our brains can use lactate very well, in fact our brains prefer it to straight glucose, second complex carbs convert to glucose so it is no better than any other sugar. cells that are resistant to glucose due to malnutrtion can use lactate very well without using hardly any insulin. but eating lower carb couldn’t hurt none, but might even be beneficial considering by lower carbs you automatically have to eat low carb fruits and veggies and whole dairy peanut butter and real butter and coconut oil which are very anticancer. vitad3 is very anticancer as it addresses some of the glucose intolerance, so I have read.

    • Hi Roberta, thank you for feedback. I guess you are referring to the first linked article (What Is Cancer?). I do not feel that I’m in a position to discuss some specific theses made there, as I do not know what source material was used by the author. Perhaps, it would be beneficial, if you could discuss it directly with them and update us on the outcome. I really appreciate you pointing it out, so our readers can do their own research on the subject.
      As for ani-cancer natural remedies, yes, there are a lot wonderful examples, including coconut and oregano oil. Much love x

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