Break the mould

Deep down a lot of us know already that there is something wrong with the way we live and what we eat. We wonder why we crave the things that are not good for us, things that make us ill or generally not well. When we don’t give our bodies the proper nutrients we are in a vicious circle, with the body always wanting more food, as it’s not properly nourished, so we consume yet another portion of ‘barren’ food. This so called ‘junk food’ affect our brains, leads to confusion, mood swings, low levels of energy and concentration.

Your_Instinct - Landing BIGThe very first question we all need to ask is ‘where does our food come from’, we really shouldn’t need another ‘horse meat scandal’ to open our eyes. We need to start thinking consciously and appreciate what process went into the food we have on our plate. Make an effort, visit a farmers’ market or a local farmer’s shop, talk to some real farmers. There is a lot of information on the internet too, including videos, there are no excuses nowadays for ‘not knowing’. If you are struggling to find time to do your research, think again, what can be more important that knowing about the food you consume which is used to rebuilt your whole body, cell by cell. If you are caring for somebody, do it for them, although if you are not looking after yourself properly, it may lead to your own illness. There is nothing more important for survival than the air, water and food. Give it the attention it deserves.

Couple of documentaries on the subject to get you started:
Food, Inc;
Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days;
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead;
Forks over Knives;
Meet your Meat;
Food Matters;
May I be Frank;
The World According To Monsanto;
The Beautiful Truth.

If this information about the food production is all new to you, you may get upset, angry and really sad after watching some of these or other movies, that’s a normal reaction. It mans that all of the emotions, which have been suppressed, are coming up to the surface. It is normal to feel empathy and compassion, that’s how we were created and used to be as kids. This is the natural state of consciousness, it means that you are beginning your transition to awakening.
You may also experience helplessness, frustration and need to ‘convert’ the whole world. Just think of all the lives you will be saving every day, all the animals spared suffering and exploitation, be grateful for what you’ve achieved so far and be an inspiration to others. If you are reading this it means you are on the right path. Well done and be proud!!

I will soon post some practical tips for switching your diet to vegetarian/vegan….

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2 responses to “Break the mould

  1. very interesting and looking forward to hearing your advice. Have seen most of the documentaries listed. Have you read ‘omnivore’s dilemma’? Think you will really like

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