Worried about nutritional and vitamin deficiency?

The most common concern would be vitamin B12 deficiency. This article Vegan and Vitamin B12 covers  the subject quite well and may help answering some of your uncertainties.

Obviously, everyone is different, so we all absorb different amount of nutrients from similar foods, it also depends on other factors, such as environmental. Therefore, if you experience any worrying symptoms, it’s always best to check them out. It could, however,  mean that your body is simply trying to heal itself by getting rid of the toxins. When you change your diet from meat based and/or high in processed food to fresh, organic vegetarian/vegan, the symptoms may be quite severe. You can read more by following these links:

How to know your body is getting rid of toxins

Detox Symptoms are Often What Medical Folks Call Disease

orangeThere are a lot of supplements out there and plenty recommended by some ‘vegetarian gurus’ , but it’s always advisable to make your own judgement and follow your instincts. Do your research,  ensure you are getting well-balanced diet, as everything in the natural form will be better than any pill! Familiarise yourself with some nutrients combinations and their effect on each other, find out how and when they can be absorbed more efficiently by your body. Some useful information on the subject under this link.

Did you know that:

The white pulpy part of the orange is the main source of its flavonoids, called hesperidins or bioflavonoids. Hesperidin is most commonly found in foods that are high in vitamin C, and it is an essential component in vitamin C absorption. The juicy sections of the orange contain most of its vitamin C. In the body, flavonoids and vitamin C work together, and support health through their interaction. Vitamin C actually consists of a chain of molecules, so flavonoids complete the chain and make the vitamin more soluble for easy absorption into the body.

sunny dayIf you are not getting enough sun exposure, you may risk Vitamin D deficiency which is quite common in the UK. If you would like to find out more about this essential vitamin which interacts with several other micronutrients to perform vital functions, you may wish to follow this link.

Whatever you do, ensure that you follow a positive and realistic approach to healthy eating and eat with joy, flexibility and balance. Positive attitude and thinking can do wonders!

‘Laugh loudly, laugh often and most importantly, laugh at yourself.’ (Chelsea Handler)


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