Added recipes

Couple of new recipes joined the Recipes section on Your Instinct.

They are both rather easy to prepare and extremely good for you:

Beetroot risotto

Rainbow rice

Beetroot is one of my absolutely favourite vegetables and the risotto above is so straightforward and doesn’t require much stirring if you have any ovenproof dish with lid.

Beet vegetableThere are a lot of beetroot  benefits, including boosting stamina and improving brain function.  It is know for as natural detoxifier and blood purifier. Beetroot is also rich in a variety of nutrients that are supportive to the immune system by encouraging the production of antibodies that fight against various disease or infections. Nutrients in beetroot provide boost to the red blood cells which require iron and facilitate the supply of oxygen towards the cells, keeping our body healthy and regenerated.  The betanin pigment, responsible for the beetroot’s colour, is known as a prominent anthocyanin antioxidant which helps prevent heart disease and cancer by fighting free radicals in our bodies. Beetroot is also a beneficial antioxidant which provides better health and support for our liver, kidneys and digestive system.

Beetroot also works as a laxative, as it is low in calories. Beetroots composition has a high content of pro-vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, B6 and vitamin C. It is rich in fiber, folic acid, iron and iodine. It also contains magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus.

Raw beetroot is regarded as one of the ‘super foods’, so try it in a juice form, by following one my juice recipes with beetroot on Your Instinct. Just type ‘beetroot’ in the search box.


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