What is your opinion on soya?

It’s been widely promoted for so many years, but is it really good for you? Almost every coffee shop nowadays offers a soya milk as an alternative to diary. I must say that personally I never bought into the soya propaganda, I did use it, but in moderation, somehow deep down I was rather cautious about it.

soya milkI came across couple of interesting articles while doing my research about soya recently, it’s been said that we shouldn’t really be eating soya that has not been (traditionally) fermented. That would include soya milk, yogurt, tofu etc.

Fermented Soy is Only Soy Food Fit For Human Consuption

Why Tofu Wrecks Your Brain

Interview: The Place of Soy in the Health Food Arena

Another aspect is the controversial GMO. It begs a question ‘Where does our Soya come from? We all know by now that even the ‘organic’ label does not always guarantee 100% GMO-free…

What is your view? Have you had any particularly good or bad experiences with soya or just unfermented soya? Do you consume a lot of soya products?


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