New recipes – desserts

I’ve just added a new Desserts section to Your Instinct.

Few new recipes there:

Wholemeal apple pie without eggs

Chocolate banana cake

Wholemeal fruit crumble

fruit platterMost of them can use wholemeal flour, even if not listed. I’ve experimented with a lot of recipes, including pancakes, and they are all fine with replacing white with wholemeal flour. Also, a dessert does not have to mean ‘sweet’ or ‘sugar’, it could be a beautiful fruit platter or an organic cheese platter for non-vegans.

You can substitute butter for walnut or olive oil, also coconut oil in some recipes, for a vegan version. You can use any unrefined sugar, including Demerara. However, if somebody needs to watch their sugar intake, they need to bear in mind that sugar in any form is not a healthy food.

flapjacksOther, healthier alternative to traditional cakes include flapjacks made using raw honey and coconut oil. Whichever variation we go for, it needs to be consumed in moderation, and it always tastes better if it’s a treat for that special occasion rather than ever day habit.


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