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Raise Your Vibration, Feel Good and Get What You Want


Soak your nuts ;-)

nuts and seedsMany raw food recipes call for soaked nuts or seeds. There are several reasons for soaking nuts ranging from flavour to increased nutritional value. Sometimes it is simply to prepare the food to be soft enough that it will blend more smoothly.

Enzyme Inhibitors

Tree nuts and seeds are highly concentrated fat and protein, given by nature to ensure that an actively growing sprout will have all the nourishment it needs. Just like any other raw foods, nuts and seeds contain enzymes. We want the benefit of those enzymes, and that’s one reason we choose to eat food without subjecting it to intense heat. However, till the germination conditions for nuts and seeds are met—like moist soil, or in our case a soaking process — the enzymes in most nuts and seeds stay dormant, held hostage by so called enzyme inhibitors (another brilliant natural mechanism to ensure the proliferation of the species). Continue reading

Are you ready for the blue pill

Once you start giving your body the proper nutrients it needs, the cleansing process initiates. Your physical body gets rid of the toxins, your brain can de-program itself and your way of thinking start shifting. You begin to finally be able to make some small steps into free-thinking direction.

This is a very good documentary, called ‘Owned and Operated‘, to get you started on your new path. It was able to open a few more eyes and help to uncover the illusion of freedom and democracy we live in…

Ego’s Veil

Ego’s Veil.

New recipes – Celeriac

I’ve just added two new recipes to the Recipes section on Your Instinct:

Celeriac side salad

Celeriac cakes

Celeriac – one of the most underrated vegetables, perhaps just misunderstood…  As the winter this year is extremely and unusually long, I’m sure a lot of us is still using the supplies from last year.

celeriacThis versatile vegetable can be stored for around 5 months. Underneath the spiny roots and perhaps not the most attractive skin there is a soft, velvety flesh that, when mashed, has the creaminess of potato with the added subtle flavour of celery. Celeriac can be eaten roasted, cooked or raw and can replace parsnips in almost any recipe. Continue reading

Eat the rainbow :-)

You’ve likely heard this tossed about by foodies, nutritionists, and diehard vegetable fans. But what does it mean? It is really just a fancy way to say you should eat a balanced diet, and that you should buy every colour fruit or vegetable available at your local market. Why?

Kitchen 101 NutritionFruits and vegetables get their colours (and other unique characteristics like smell, texture, etc) from various phytochemicals. Each phytochemical has its own set nutrients. Since the phytochemicals that make something red are different from the phytochemicals that make something green, the nutrients, and health benefits  of those two plants are going to be different. Simply said, you can’t get the same vitamins and minerals from red fruits that you can get from green vegetables. This is why you should eat the rainbow. Continue reading

Quinoa, the perfect ingredient – does it appear on your plate

I’ve just added Quinoa to the list of ‘super-foods’ on Your Instinct. You can read more about its nutritional facts by following the link:

Superfoods: Quinoa

quinoaIt is not a surprise that the demand for quinoa worldwide has multiplied in the recent years. It obviously does not come without a price. As it is manly grown in Peru and Bolivia, it has caused some adverse effect on the land diversity and many locals can no longer afford it due to the increased price. This always needs to be taken into consideration when we make our conscious choices about the food supply. We should try to get our ingredients locally, ideally growing our own. It is also important to maintain a variety in our diet. Continue reading

The United States of Cancer

Confused with labels and ingredients… You are not alone!

Even if you are growing your own food, you still need to get some ingredients from the shops and various suppliers. We all know how important is checking the label  nowadays. Couple of recent food scandals hopefully opened a few more eyes to how ruthless the food industry is. Let’s look a little closer on some examples of misleading labelling we should be aware of. Most of them will appear to mean a healthy choice, but in fact the reality is quite different…

100 natural‘Natural‘ or ‘All natural’: it seems that the FDA has not defined it officially, so there is a lot of room for interpretation and maneuver when it comes to the ingredients, including added preservatives or sodium. The worrying fact is that a lot of people still think that ‘natural’ is better/greener than ‘organic’. Continue reading

New recipes – ex-meat dishes

chilli without carneOne of my favourite dishes, tasting even better since I stopped eating meat, is chilli. I now use lentils instead of minced meat. It can be served with rice, tortilla crisps (chips) or garlic bread and a side salad. The recipe is, of course, on Your Instinct in Recipes section:

Chilli without carne

Another recipe which I re-discovered as a vegetarian/vegan is falafel. This recipe below is for burger-shaped falafels and can be served like any other burger. I like mine in a wholemeal pita bread with a bit of salad and some sauces/dips such as tomato chilli salsa, guacamole and tahini. You can also add some sliced fresh and/or pickled vegetables.


I can guarantee that once you try these you will never want to eat another ready made, store bought version. Simply delicious and so easy to make.