Quinoa, the perfect ingredient – does it appear on your plate

I’ve just added Quinoa to the list of ‘super-foods’ on Your Instinct. You can read more about its nutritional facts by following the link:

Superfoods: Quinoa

quinoaIt is not a surprise that the demand for quinoa worldwide has multiplied in the recent years. It obviously does not come without a price. As it is manly grown in Peru and Bolivia, it has caused some adverse effect on the land diversity and many locals can no longer afford it due to the increased price. This always needs to be taken into consideration when we make our conscious choices about the food supply. We should try to get our ingredients locally, ideally growing our own. It is also important to maintain a variety in our diet.

Vegetarians and vegans will often be critisised about the ‘food mileage’ attached to their plate, however frequently some of those statements are far from the truth. The prime example is soya (soy) production, the bean so wildly present in meat-free households, however according to the United Nations’ report as much as 97% is used for animal feed (!).

Quinoa can be used as a replacement of rice or couscous.
Below are some recipe ideas how we can introduce quinoa to our diet:
– Cooked quinoa mixed with chopped, fresh spinach and some (vegetarian/vegan) pesto, along with olive oil and lemon juice;
– Stuffed vine/cabbage leaves with herbs or vegetables;
– Puffed quinoa added to your cereal.

2 responses to “Quinoa, the perfect ingredient – does it appear on your plate

  1. Steph- Mean Miss Mustard

    I’ve been very wary about eating it after seeing this article about it on The Guardian website. In fact I don;t think I have eaten it since. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/jan/16/vegans-stomach-unpalatable-truth-quinoa

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