Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is made by the fermentation of apple cider. During the fermentation process, sugar in the apple cider is broken down by bacteria and yeast into alcohol and then into vinegar. Like many types of vinegar, apple cider vinegar contains a substance called acetic acid. It also contains some lactic, citric and malic acids.

apple_cider_ vinegarWhy should we all start using more apple cider vinegar? First of all, apple cider vinegar is a completely natural product.  In integrating this product into our homes, we instantly decrease the consumption of unnatural chemicals in our daily lives.

Apple cider vinegar can help with many health conditions, including:
acne, allergies, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, flu, gout, heartburn, high cholesterol, sore throat

Weight-Loss: For daily weight and pH balance maintenance, add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to 16 oz of water. Sip this concoction throughout the day.

ph Balance: Apple cider Vinegar will balance your entire inner body system. The body constantly strives to achieve a state of equilibrium. Apple cider vinegar helps the body maintain a healthy alkaline pH level. Research shows that higher acid levels (lower pH level) leads to a lack of energy and higher incidences of infection. Hence, we should try to drink it as a tonic (diluted with water) a few times a day for a natural boost of energy.

Detox: Add 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a 1 or 2 litre filtered water bottle. Drink this throughout the day to cleanse your body and kidneys all day long. It can also help stimulate cardiovascular circulation and help detoxify the liver.

Cleansing: This miracle vinegar helps to break up mucous throughout the body and cleanse the lymph nodes. Some research suggests that apple cider vinegar can help with allergies because of its ability to reduce mucous and sinus congestion. When reducing the effects of allergies, it can also help stave off sinus infections and their related symptoms (sore throats and headaches).

Candida: This vinegar is rich in natural enzymes that can help rid your body of candida – yeasts that are attributed to thrush in humans. Candida also is blamed for creating symptoms of fatigue, poor memory, sugar cravings, and yeast infections.

Heartburn: Though it might seem like an oxymoron to treat stomach acid with an acid-containing vinegar, there is research suggesting that apple cider vinegar works by correcting low acid, hence reducing heartburn. Natural remedy experts say you should begin to feel relief very shortly after taking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar followed by a glass of water. Note that apple cider vinegar will not give relief if you have an ulcer.

Other uses include:


ACV hair-rinseHair: It is widely known that apple cider vinegar can be used as a rinse for your hair after shampooing to add healthy body and shine. Recycle an old shampoo bottle and fill it with 1/2 a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a cup of cold water. Pour through your hair after shampooing several times a week.

Face: Did you know that apple cider vinegar can help regulate the pH of your skin? Dilute apple cider vinegar with two parts water, and spread the concoction over your face with a cotton ball as a toner. You can do this at night after washing, and in the morning before you apply your moisturiser. You can also dab apple cider vinegar directly onto acne scars or age spots and leave them on overnight to lighten their colour.

Hands and Feet: Are your hands and feet feeling tired and swollen after a long day? Treat yourself to a personal spa massage by rubbing apple cider vinegar onto them. It is also a recommended agent for warts. For warts, soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar, then fasten the cotton ball over the wart with a Band-Aid overnight. The skin may swell some as it reacts with the solution. However, the wart will fall off. Once it falls off, the treatment should be continued for a few more days, to make sure the wart doesn’t return.

Sunburn: Suffering from a bad sunburn? Add a cup of apple cider vinegar to your bath and soak for 10 minutes.

Teeth: Did you know that apple cider vinegar can help remove stains from teeth? Rub teeth directly with apple cider vinegar and rinse out.

Aftershave: Fill a bottle with equal parts apple cider vinegar and water and shake to blend.

Home and pets

Cleaning: Mix 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup water. You can use this concoction to clean microwaves, bathroom tiles, kitchen surfaces, windows, glasses and mirrors. This mixture also works as a disinfectant. Just pour apple cider vinegar into the toilet, and allow it to sit overnight.

Flea Reduction: Spray apple cider vinegar, diluted 50 percent with water, onto your pets and onto your furniture to repel the presence of fleas. This solution can be also rubbed directly onto your pet’s skin. Add a little bit of apple cider vinegar to their water.

Apple-Cider-VinegarAs with everything we use for our bodies, either internally or externally, some caution is always advised. Undiluted apple cider vinegar, in liquid or pill form, may damage the esophagus and other parts of the digestive tract, as well as tooth enamel, especially if used in excess.

What other internet users say:

Taking anything beyond moderation, without checking in with your body, could lead to unwanted results. If I had a life threatening disease, I might take more ACV then I do, but I only use ACV to get myself back in alignment.

Following anything blindly and not taking a look inside to see if it is right for you is not the way to do anything in my estimation. Living a conscious life, everything we let enter our body through our eyes, ears, mouth, and skin will change us… but consciously we should pay close attention to changes that occur to us to give us a chance to detoxify our bodies of unwanted chemicals, spirits, etc…… Detoxing gives our body the wrong signals sometimes though… ACV attempts to rid the body of contaminants, but they fight back to keep thir place in our body. Therefore we could experience some negative effects by ACV detox, but all in all, I believe ACV is one of the most simple and safe ways to restore my hair, skin, & internal flora, to bring it back to a healthy place…

Overall, the apple cider vinegar is clearly very beneficial and versatile product that can be used in a multitude of ways and has been utilised for centuries. I would strongly recommend giving it a try, if only as an addition to your salad dressing!

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  1. I’ve always liked to use apple cider vinegar in my salad dressing. Thanks for writing about all the additional uses. I’m definitely going to use it as against my cat’s fleas.

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