Food growing – update

The weather is not too great lately, just barely warm enough for growing vegetables, so it takes a bit longer, but it’s still a great fun …

I’ll let the pictures do the talking 🙂

More than a month ago:

Apple tree

They say that due to the slow and cold start, we should have more apples this year, as the trees have not used too much energy (sap) for foliage. We’ll see, fingers crossed!

About a month ago…


Fist few days of this month:


All lettuces look still rather small, apart from Rocket (top) and Mizuna (bottom). Radishes are getting ready for picking.


Just over a week ago…


Mizuna lettuce (below), grows really fast, rather delicious. Rocket and spinach are good for harvesting too.


Earlier this week…


Looks like the strawberries will yet again be ready for Wimbledon!! 🙂


Hope you all enjoy a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables too, whether grown yourself or gathered from your local suppliers.


2 responses to “Food growing – update

  1. I’m soon starting my own garden…fantastic to see one in process, to have a peek at what’s to come!

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