Food growing – another update

The summer in England has been very unusual this year, with the temperatures reaching numbers haven’t seen for decades. It is all good news for vegetable growing, with a small exception of perhaps lettuces which prefer slightly cooler conditions.

It looks like tomatoes will be ready for picking any day now, there are a lot of courgettes, cucumbers, potatoes, peas and french beans ready to eat! 🙂




From last month we are able to enjoy turnips, radishes, black radishes, spinach, onions and lettuces.


Sadly, the strawberries are all gone now, but we are still able to enjoy alpine strawberries, red, black and white currants and raspberries – all new plants/shrubs planted last year before winter.



Finally, the wild flowers grown from seeds are in their full bloom.




It all certainly fills the eyes and the heart with joy!!


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