Some life changes

I have been quiet for a while… but have not gone away 😉

I have moved houses and got a new plot for food growing…. this time much closer to the house which is a real bonus 🙂

Quite challenging at first:

Plot 1

All covered in couch grass… ouch!!

After a ‘couple’ of visits it’s slowly changing and taking shape 😉

plot 2

Most of it covered with wood chips to prevent weeds regrowth.



Still… early days, so not everything has been sown/planted into the soil yet. It’s always helpful to start your plants in little pots, as the soil may not be warm enough and it’s much easier to protect them from pests. Rather than use some plastic pots and risk damaging the roots later while transplanting, it’s best to use paper pots which can be made from some old newspapers. These pots don’t need to be removed, as the paper is biodegradable.

Below… just a few made last weekend with little leeks 😉

plot 5


There are a lot of YouTube videos on how to make paper pots.

I always try to get organic and heirloom/heritage seeds (not hybrids), so I can collect some seeds for the following year.

Will keep you posted on the progress! Happy growing, enjoy the sunshine 🙂


2 responses to “Some life changes

  1. Looking good! It’s the best time of year!

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