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The Awakening of Gaia

The Awakening of Gaia is a film meant to widen the perspective of the viewer in such a way that it may inspire the will to change. It covers how our civilization is lost in apathy and material greed, cut off from spirit, cut off from the Earth . It shows how the Earth is a living organism and how we are all connected to it and every living thing. 


Highly recommended… enjoy 🙂



3 Ingredients to Stop Feeding Your Kids

1. High Fructose Corn Syrup
It’s hard to find a processed food without High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), although it’s easier than it used to be.
The Corn Growers Association and other special interest groups that have a direct monetary stake in the continuance of turning genetically modified corn into a sweetener that populates seemingly every product on every grocery store aisle are constantly insisting that HFCS is the same as sugar or any other sweetener – except that it’s not.
high fructose corn syrupPart of what makes HFCS such an unhealthy product is that it is metabolized to fat in your body far more rapidly than any other sugar, and, because most fructose is consumed in liquid form, its negative metabolic effects are significantly magnified.
HFCS has been linked to diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome. Additionally, HFCS is made from genetically modified corn, which brings on a host of other issues. Continue reading

The United States of Cancer

Confused with labels and ingredients… You are not alone!

Even if you are growing your own food, you still need to get some ingredients from the shops and various suppliers. We all know how important is checking the label  nowadays. Couple of recent food scandals hopefully opened a few more eyes to how ruthless the food industry is. Let’s look a little closer on some examples of misleading labelling we should be aware of. Most of them will appear to mean a healthy choice, but in fact the reality is quite different…

100 natural‘Natural‘ or ‘All natural’: it seems that the FDA has not defined it officially, so there is a lot of room for interpretation and maneuver when it comes to the ingredients, including added preservatives or sodium. The worrying fact is that a lot of people still think that ‘natural’ is better/greener than ‘organic’. Continue reading

Sleep – the best natural remedy

Our brain is our biggest asset, it enables us to think, feel and analyse, it controls all our body functions and it even has its own clock. We’ve already discussed the importance of looking after our brain in a different post:


sleep 1The best way to take care of your brain is to allow it a good night sleep. We are all somewhat aware how important the sleep is for us, however quite often we ignore it and carry on with our routines. By doing it we are robbing our bodies of the great benefits that a good sleep brings. Despite of a sleeping person looking quite peaceful (in most cases), there are a lot of activities occurring during our sleep, so it is not at all a passive exercise. It is recommended to get around 7.5 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep for an adult, to have the body and mind rejuvenated for the next day. If our sleep is cut short, the body doesn’t have time to complete all of the phases needed for various tasks including muscle, bones and nerve repair, memory consolidation, new cell growth or hormones release. Continue reading

What is your opinion on soya?

It’s been widely promoted for so many years, but is it really good for you? Almost every coffee shop nowadays offers a soya milk as an alternative to diary. I must say that personally I never bought into the soya propaganda, I did use it, but in moderation, somehow deep down I was rather cautious about it.

soya milkI came across couple of interesting articles while doing my research about soya recently, it’s been said that we shouldn’t really be eating soya that has not been (traditionally) fermented. That would include soya milk, yogurt, tofu etc. Continue reading