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New recipe – Runner beans stew

Very much in season and extremely easy to grow – Runner Beans.

runner beans

Runner beans need to be topped and tailed and may also need stringing before use. They should be sliced lengthways before cooking and plunged into boiling salted water and cooked until al dente. Runner beans are used in salads (young can be eaten raw) as well as added to stews, casseroles, soups and broths. They are also served as a vegetable side dish or mixed with other beans. Flavours and ingredients that go well with runner beans include tomatoes, garlic, lemon juice and chillies.

One of most popular runner beans recipes can be found in Your Instinct‘s Recipes section under:

Runner beans stew

Runner beans are a good source of Vitamins A and C and folic acid. 

What is your favourite recipe including runner beans?


New recipe – quick Thai curry

Definitely looks very summery and perfect for our sunny mood, when it gets a bit colder in the evenings 🙂

Vegetable Thai yellow curry.

yellow curry

The ingeredients list looks a bit long, but it is extemaly easy recipe and you can be flexible with the ingredients and use subsitutes when necesary.

Can be served either with rice or naan bread.

Full recipe can be found in the Recipes section of Your Instinct.


Avocado: The World’s Most Perfect Food?

Did you know that the avocado has been called the world’s most perfect food and has many health benefits?

AvocadoIt has achieved this distinction because many nutritionists claim it not only contains everything a person needs to survive — but it has also been found to contribute to the prevention and control of Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other health conditions.

The avocado (Persea gratissima or P. americana) originated in Puebla, Mexico and its earliest use dates back to 10,000 years B.C. Since AD 900, the avocado tree has been cultivated and grown in Central and South America. In the 19th century, the avocado made its entry into California, and has since become a very successful commercial crop. Ninety-five percent (95%) of U.S. avocados are gown in Southern California. Continue reading

New recipes – Celeriac

I’ve just added two new recipes to the Recipes section on Your Instinct:

Celeriac side salad

Celeriac cakes

Celeriac – one of the most underrated vegetables, perhaps just misunderstood…  As the winter this year is extremely and unusually long, I’m sure a lot of us is still using the supplies from last year.

celeriacThis versatile vegetable can be stored for around 5 months. Underneath the spiny roots and perhaps not the most attractive skin there is a soft, velvety flesh that, when mashed, has the creaminess of potato with the added subtle flavour of celery. Celeriac can be eaten roasted, cooked or raw and can replace parsnips in almost any recipe. Continue reading

What is your opinion on soya?

It’s been widely promoted for so many years, but is it really good for you? Almost every coffee shop nowadays offers a soya milk as an alternative to diary. I must say that personally I never bought into the soya propaganda, I did use it, but in moderation, somehow deep down I was rather cautious about it.

soya milkI came across couple of interesting articles while doing my research about soya recently, it’s been said that we shouldn’t really be eating soya that has not been (traditionally) fermented. That would include soya milk, yogurt, tofu etc. Continue reading

So… where to get our food supplies

One country seems to be off the list immediately. I’m sure most of you have  heard a few horror stories about animal treatment in China, however it doesn’t stop there. It’s the food quality in general and it seems that organic is not much better!

You need to make your own choices, but this article may help you along the way:

‘Organic’ from China exposed: The shocking truth about ‘organic’ foods grown in the world’s worst environmental cesspool

organic labelAnother factor is the questionable morality of big corporations. If you are familiar with so called ‘corporate mentality’ you surely are already avoiding their products. If you are not, however, you may wish to follow this link about the United States’ organic food deception to help you make an informed decision when buying organic from ‘big brands’. Continue reading