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Crazy Sexy Guide to Beans

Does this charming chant ring a bell? Beans, beans, the magical fruit. The more you eat, the more you… toot! Whether this tune gives you the giggles or makes you blush, you get the point: beans wake up your gut!

Beans are an essential component to any plant-based diet. They’re loaded with protein and fiber and add heft and heartiness to any meal. Did you know that there are more than 800 varieties of beans? Holy abundance! Continue reading


Eat the rainbow :-)

You’ve likely heard this tossed about by foodies, nutritionists, and diehard vegetable fans. But what does it mean? It is really just a fancy way to say you should eat a balanced diet, and that you should buy every colour fruit or vegetable available at your local market. Why?

Kitchen 101 NutritionFruits and vegetables get their colours (and other unique characteristics like smell, texture, etc) from various phytochemicals. Each phytochemical has its own set nutrients. Since the phytochemicals that make something red are different from the phytochemicals that make something green, the nutrients, and health benefits  of those two plants are going to be different. Simply said, you can’t get the same vitamins and minerals from red fruits that you can get from green vegetables. This is why you should eat the rainbow. Continue reading

Worried about nutritional and vitamin deficiency?

The most common concern would be vitamin B12 deficiency. This article Vegan and Vitamin B12 covers  the subject quite well and may help answering some of your uncertainties.

Obviously, everyone is different, so we all absorb different amount of nutrients from similar foods, it also depends on other factors, such as environmental. Therefore, if you experience any worrying symptoms, it’s always best to check them out. It could, however,  mean that your body is simply trying to heal itself by getting rid of the toxins. When you change your diet from meat based and/or high in processed food to fresh, organic vegetarian/vegan, the symptoms may be quite severe. You can read more by following these links:

How to know your body is getting rid of toxins

Detox Symptoms are Often What Medical Folks Call Disease Continue reading