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New recipe – Runner beans stew

Very much in season and extremely easy to grow – Runner Beans.

runner beans

Runner beans need to be topped and tailed and may also need stringing before use. They should be sliced lengthways before cooking and plunged into boiling salted water and cooked until al dente. Runner beans are used in salads (young can be eaten raw) as well as added to stews, casseroles, soups and broths. They are also served as a vegetable side dish or mixed with other beans. Flavours and ingredients that go well with runner beans include tomatoes, garlic, lemon juice and chillies.

One of most popular runner beans recipes can be found in Your Instinct‘s Recipes section under:

Runner beans stew

Runner beans are a good source of Vitamins A and C and folic acid. 

What is your favourite recipe including runner beans?


Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky TheAnimalHolocaust

Gary Yourofsky’s entire inspirational speech on animal rights and veganism held at Georgia Tech in summer of 2010. Listen to this amazing speaker who will blow away the myths, fill your mind with interesting facts, and help you make ethical choices for a healthy heart and soul. His charismatic preachy style is one of a kind – a must-see for anyone who cares about nonhuman animals or wishes to make the world a better place.

Quinoa, the perfect ingredient – does it appear on your plate

I’ve just added Quinoa to the list of ‘super-foods’ on Your Instinct. You can read more about its nutritional facts by following the link:

Superfoods: Quinoa

quinoaIt is not a surprise that the demand for quinoa worldwide has multiplied in the recent years. It obviously does not come without a price. As it is manly grown in Peru and Bolivia, it has caused some adverse effect on the land diversity and many locals can no longer afford it due to the increased price. This always needs to be taken into consideration when we make our conscious choices about the food supply. We should try to get our ingredients locally, ideally growing our own. It is also important to maintain a variety in our diet. Continue reading

Worried about nutritional and vitamin deficiency?

The most common concern would be vitamin B12 deficiency. This article Vegan and Vitamin B12 covers  the subject quite well and may help answering some of your uncertainties.

Obviously, everyone is different, so we all absorb different amount of nutrients from similar foods, it also depends on other factors, such as environmental. Therefore, if you experience any worrying symptoms, it’s always best to check them out. It could, however,  mean that your body is simply trying to heal itself by getting rid of the toxins. When you change your diet from meat based and/or high in processed food to fresh, organic vegetarian/vegan, the symptoms may be quite severe. You can read more by following these links:

How to know your body is getting rid of toxins

Detox Symptoms are Often What Medical Folks Call Disease Continue reading